What Our Guests Say

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"Mark & Guia, your beautiful home reflects your beautiful spirits ~ thank you for sharing both with us!"

Lance and Linda

Tucson, Arizona


"Thank you so much for such a beautiful place to hold our engagement! We appreciate the special efforts that you went to create such a romantic and peaceful dinner setting for "the big question". It was so incredibly perfect for us. This was the most romantic and peaceful place that I have ever been to. My new fiancÚ and I have crated memories here that we'll cherish for a lifetime. This is a wonderful place for prayer and meditation."

Zach and Susannah

Indianapolis, Indiana


"Many thanks to Mark and Guia for a wonderful stay and gracious hospitality.  We will return."

Roger B.

London, England


"Thank you! I don't want to leave!"

Angela W.

Schaumburg, Illinois


"So good to meet Mark & Guia.  The home is a paradise.  Hope we can return in the future.  Loved the ponds and flowers."

Bob and Bonnie

Rockville, Maryland


"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  Guia, thank you for your warm spirit.  I want to take you home with me!
(but I don't think Mark would like that too much)."

Ginny B.

Circleville, Vermont



"Thanks for your wonderful hospitality & for sharing your home & garden with us."

Gina and Jon

Steger, Illinois



"What a little slice of heaven.  Soul food at its best."

Melanie D.

St. Louis, Missouri


"We all had such a good time! What a good day & night we had at Stelle and at the GreenHouse. We're taking away inspiration, and hope,"

Nan and Chris

Chicago Suburbs


"We enjoyed visiting your beautiful house and the wonderful conversation. We learned a lot. Being a rather young couple, it is good for us to see how others make for themselves wholesome, healthy lifestyles. We couldn't do all you do here in Chicago, but we might try one or two things. We are especially grateful for your generosity. "

Linda and Michael

Chicago, Illinois


"Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.  Very comfortable!"

Richard and Scott

Chicago, Illinois



"I especially enjoyed our conversation. You have a lovely home and you have many gifts, Guia, and I feel like I've known you for a long time. You both are special people and I hope to come back again some day."

Cathy B.

Vulcan, Michigan


"The colonies have come a long way since the Tea Party."

Eamom D. 

Lancashire, England


"The only thing that sucks about your place is having to leave."

Jeff B.
Wichita, KS


Alina S. (age 5)

Chicago, Illinois